Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Pie Affair

Ah Friday, without a doubt, my favorite day of the week and, what's better, the day of the after-work-drink-turned-all-night-bender-cos-i-know-i-can-sleep-in-tomorrow!

My roommate and I had originally planned on a casual drink with a not so casual colleague. Roommate has determined we'll all end up working for that woman someday and, shortly after that, she'll be president. I've determined that woman is an uptight, snobby, society bitch, but hey, maybe I'm being too hasty. Of course the run-ins with her have not dulled my first impression. We bring sack-lunches, she takes her managers 'out' to lunch. We wear rumpled, semi-casual, work attire, she wears perfectly pressed skirt-suit outfits. We show up when our bosses do, she shows up a good hour before...Ok, maybe she will eventually be our boss, but I'm not voting for her when she runs for president!

Well, she ditched us for drinks, so, being the resourceful, interns that we are, Roommate and I trotted down to Toad Hall for after-work drinks with other co-workers. A number of Stella's later and our party down to three, the idea of pizza and more beer seemed like a good, no great plan that had to be implemented immediately. Somehow, Roommate and I found ourselves trailing a 6'6'' Englishman, down the streets of Manhattan, in search of the perfect pizza and pitcher of beer, and find it we did.

One expensive, strange, mushroom pizza, and two pitchers later, we finally decided enough is enough, and at nearly 2 in the morning, caught the F train home. Roommate and I made a friend on the train, well, either that or we scared the poor fellow half to death with our silly beer-talk. Then, home at last, I chowed down on Raman noodles, Roommate fell asleep on the floor. It was a good night.

Friday, July 28, 2006


If any of you guys are interested, check out this site:

It's purely a running site...hopefully to motivate everyone to go out for a run now and then! :-)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My First Time

Well, I've never been tagged before, so this is a first! Might not be too interesting though....

Five Things In My Freezer

1. Ice
2. A very small box of strawberry ice-cream
3. A frozen bannana
4. Another frozen bannana
5. Ice tray?
(the fridge is pretty sad right now)

Five Things In My Closet

Ahh surprise, surprise, I have no closet, can I list things in my hall-soon-to-be-semi-closet-space...hey give me a break, I live in Brooklyn

1. Large box
2. Small suitcase
3. Box of soon-to-be-recycled-when-we-get-off-our-asses empty beer bottles
4. A toothpaste box
5. My CAT damn he's not supposed to be out there...hold on...

Five Things In My Car

Huh, left the car in Montana so I'm going to speculate here...

1. Dead batteries
2. Half-eaten candy bar (although I left the vehicle with my Dad, so...)
3. Uh, a broken CD
4. A heavy box of books I didn't take out after the drive to Montana
5. Seriously, I have no idea, and I'm not calling my Dad to find out!

Five Things In My Purse

Finally! One I can do!

1. Crappy new flavored Orbit gum
2. The key to my Dad's bike lock
3. Reciept to UPS, strike that, a very large reciept to UPS! Bastards, ouch...better get one of those jobs!
4. A ring that only fits in cold weather
5. My passport, always ready for a quick gettaway;-)

Five people I'm tagging, Ha, Ha new roommate!! :-)

1. roommate
2. 20 something
3. hattigrace
4. puppy
5. fourdiners

Friday, July 21, 2006

just a quick note

If any of you guys have the time, this is my favorite band right now, actually I'm listening to them right now in the office (headphones of course) while trying to finish up a Friday afternoon. It's actually quite pleasant to have the Clintons in my head here, on the subway rides home, working, writing, reminds me of home. The band played at the street party where I met 'the last cute, single, microbiologist, in H-town.' The lead singer is engaged to an old friend, and everyone seems to know them back west, good stuff!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This many pages...

I have to admit, I've not been very disiplined in writing my thesis. I've only got 49 pages (out of 120-150) done, but I'm determined now to jump on that writing band wagon and get-r-done!! Of course this means less time with all of you:( I'll drop by now and then, leave a comment, jot a blog, but I have, have, have, have to get this done! I'm giving myself two weeks of hard work to finish the section I'm on, then a month for the materials and methods, a month of conclusions and revisions and volla, I'll be done! Hopefully, I'll get each section done early and give myself some time to breathe, and blog as a reward..anyway, till then wish me luck:)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not quite alone...

It's been awhile since I've had a roommate, and since I've worked in a place where people actually pay attention to what I'm doing (i.e. and office)..there are a few things I just can't do anymore, well, without getting arrested/attacked/fired/sued..
1. Cook naked
not recommended, particularly when oil is involved, that is hot oil
2. Leave the bathroom door open when showering, forget a towel, drip all the way to the cupboard
3. Drink from the wine bottle 4
. Wear tennis shoes to work
5. Thoroughly enjoy q-tip time
6. Leave dirty underwear on the floor
7. Leave dirty dishes in the sink until the last clean one is used up
8. Carry on long, involved conversations with the cat
9. Play computer solitaire
10. Add chemicals to one another, heat and stir, just to see what happens, i.e. if anyone in the lab notices the smell or passes out. (yup I did that, sorry lane)
11. Yell at the computer when it (Excel) pisses you off
12. Play chess games with a tumbler of whiskey, by yourself and win!
13. Practice the runway walks you saw on 'America's next top model'
14. Use the work-phone for personal, long distance calls
15. Sneeze!!! I just keep sneezing today and this place echoes like you would not believe! I think cup-o-noodles guy actually left just to get away from me:(

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New York, New York!

So half-way into day three and I'm fairly sure this is not my calling. I know that's not fair, I should give it more time, time that I seem to have in abundance at this job. In otherwords, I'm borrrrrrrred! I'm not an office person, I knew that when I did a temp job the summer before college, I know it now. Excell, meetings, a squeaky printer constantly spitting out jobs behind me, a guy with his daily cup-o-noodles beside me, an under-age editor pasting red all over some researcher's article to my back, heels constantly clicking down the hallway, ugh, ugh, blugh. Not my thing!

The view isn't too bad, of course there isn't a spot of green to be seen, but the buildings are OK. The boss shows up late everyday, which works for me! And she's a very nice lady who insists we get tea at least twice a day. My roommate is fun, laughs at my jokes, and doesn't mind the cat. We have plans for the weekend, a trip to Connecticut, a weenie roast at her friend's house. Since I've never been to a weenie roast in Connecticut, I'm looking forward to the event.

Still, I'm getting the feeling I live in the film "Office Space" because I just know I'm going to take a bat to that printer......

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wok Popcorn

Made it to New York, of course, the six month NYC internship I'm so excited for happens after I go home and find all the things I've been looking for since I left, nine years ago. I found the place I belong, surrounded by mountains, filled with family and friends (who actually get my humor), and with the one thing that's been missing in my life, till now...I found that popcorn tastes better in a frying pan, that fireworks look better from the rooftop, that hottubs are better with two, that Superman can stop bullets with his eye, that knowing someone, their family, friends, successes, jobs, doesn't mean you've ever necessarily met them. Now I have. Then I had to leave. Now I can't wait to get back. Now I'm going to sit here and help my new, Brooklyn, roommate, eat popcorn from a wok, because we couldn't find a bowl, and I got the idea from someone I can't wait to share a frying pan with again.