Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I'm in St. Louis. Not the greatest city I've visited. In fact the more I'm here the more I dislike the place. I try on every, lets call them "outings" to enjoy where I go without prejudice, but it is increasingly hard to dispel my negative feelings.

We came here because my father is supposed to have a heart surgery. However, they aren't sure at the moment if they can or will even do a surgery. So we are here stuck in the in the middle of tests.

I'm not complaining about the tests, I think that is cautious and reasonable seeing as my dad has been through 5 other open heart and 1 less invasive surgery.

No, I'm complaining about the city itself. I'm complaining about the general population here. No-one here seems to know or understand the bus or metrolink system. Of course neither will reliably take us from the place we are staying to the hospital or the airport. Taxis are a fortune and poorly run. By poorly run I mean people who don't know where they are going to the point where I am directing them from my iphone map, or others who drive like maniacs, keep you in the heat (no air) and blast horrible, horrible music. Worse still when we took my father to the hospital this morning the 'shuttle' and I use that term very, very lightly, pushed us into a small minivan without working air, in July, in the mid-south. The guy put us in and then closed all the doors and walked away. I no longer wonder why babies die in hot cars in the south, the people don't give a flying...... So I opened the doors and when the driver finally came back told him to start the car with air before closing the doors. He seemed offended. I didn't care. I don't treat my dog as poorly as he treated patients on their way to the hospital. Ass.

Then tonight, here's a kicker, I get stuck because of a thunderstorm a little ways from the place we are staying (a house for people and their families who are in the hospital), and I finally get back right next to the H-house and there is a Burger King. Score. I didn't get any food on my long walk after spending the entire day at the hospital with my mom and dad. I did go for a walk. I did get stuck by a lightning storm. I guess it's my fault that at 9:45 in the evening I might want a hot meal. So I try to go to the Burger King. The doors are locked, but I notice cars going to the drive-up window. I think, surely, they are right by a  place where sick people and their families are housed, they would surely sell me a burger, right? Wrong.

They were actually quite rude about it too. I had money in hand and could prove I was just from the H-house across the walk but no-go. You must have a car to get food in this city.

So I left and sat under a tree for a bit to compose myself. It wouldn't do any good for my parents to see tear stains.

I guess my message is: Don't go to Burger King or St. Louis, they are both kinda mean and there are a lot of better options out there. They don't deserve anyone's tears.


Blogger Z said...

I'm so sorry that a worrying time is being made even worse by such unkind thoughtlessness. I hope your dad can be treated effectively and feels better soon.

5:46 PM  

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