Monday, July 11, 2011

Do weekends count?

Only a few days into this exercise and already I've fallen off the wagon. Weekends are hard! My parents came up to visit and I just 'didn't get around' to running.

How utterly pathetic am I?

Well, I suppose I should have put in place some stricter rules. I am having knee trouble so I suppose it's OK to take weekends off as long as I run the other 5 days a week and don't count them in my 100 runs.

But I should sign up for some races ASAP. Those are always on the weekend and then I'll have to run. I have a feeling the weekend coming up will also be an issue. There's a parade and big powwow nearby that I really want to go to.

And good luck getting me up on a Sat. early enough to run before heading out to the fun!!!

Well, 4 miles tonight for sure. Just as soon as it cools down a little......


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