Saturday, July 09, 2011

97 to go

Joke's on me.

The winds picked up and they canceled the event last night. It's a big lake, so I understand why they don't want some giant waves to pick up their guests to join the Flathead lake monster in those green depths. They already have our money, though, so I guess they wouldn't have been too heart-broken.

Well, in any case, the event was rescheduled for another weekend. And anyway, I got to run in the nice cool of the evening, 4.6 miles. I worked late to make up for coming in late too, just in case you were wondering.

I was craving some green Thai curry last night. Something nice and spicy, but I worked too long and then ran too long and the place was closed by the time I got there, sigh. So I made my own version. Chicken, vegetables, lots of green curry paste, a little coconut milk and some vanilla yogurt to sweeten it up. All and all not bad. But I still had to cook for myself. Which is annoying.

I'm not sure how far I'll run tonight, my knee is giving me a little trouble, so I'm thinking just a couple miles, easy. Then maybe something more substantial tomorrow.

My parents are driving up tomorrow. I'm starting to reconsider my original idea that three hours drive away is the perfect distance from home. I'm still in Montana, and close enough to drive home for a weekend, but far enough away so that the family isn't always at the door. Of course where I've moved too is a vacation haven.

Beautiful and on the lake. So they're coming up to see the campus and to camp in the area. Of course I want to see them, but I'm starting to wonder if this is going to be a more consistent thing, in summers at least.

They are retired. Just wait until I find a house on the lake, I'm thinking summers may be pretty full of people coming up from Helena. Well, actually that may not be such a bad thing. A house full of family and friends is a good house to come home to. I could get a boat by next summer, start a gas-for-the-boat-fund so when people come up we're all pitching in a little.

And maybe they'll do the cooking..... hmmm this could work.


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