Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Coincidence or fate..

Hmmmm, music has been particularly cruel to me lately. I keep hearing certain songs over and over at certain specific times..as I'm thinking one thing or the other. Now one song is pretty popular, so I can see that happening a lot for no reason, but for Christ's sake, this other one is NOT a popular song! Ok, so a poll, who believes life is just a series of coincidences that toss you along haphazardly and who believes that fate is directing you down a particular path?

Monday, November 28, 2005


I think I just had the best Thanksgiving of my life, no wait, I know I've just had the best Thanksgiving! My best friend and her husband drove down here from Chicago just to see me. They are the coolest people! They drove in Wed. night and we drank all night at the local pub, woke up the next day to catch the end of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, just the cheesest thing but tradition none-the-less. We had a fire, Turkey, food, food, food, champagne, wine, beer, football, and a movie. Everyone dressed up for the event (until we all got too stuffed and drunk to care) and we rounded the evening sipping whiskey in front of a movie and a dying fire. They stayed through Friday so we stayed in playing poker (and drinking) all evening. I guess I had forgotten how it can be to have a group of really wonderful friends all together. It's been awhile since I've been in that position. So not much work was accomplished this weekend, but the time spent with my friends was worth any loss of work time. Life is a hell of a lot more important than lab.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Little Things

Oh, the little things in life can mean so much. Last night I found six dollars on the floor of the bar. I asked everyone around me if it belonged to them. The money was not claimed, so I called it a donation to the poor student, stuck it in my pocket, and promptly forgot about the money. This morning I fall out of bed feeling so tired I could literally blink too long and fall asleep. So I begin weaving my way to lab trying to think if I could possibly scrounge enough change for a coffee and, as it's a bit chilly outside, I shove my hands in my pockets and ouh la`!!! I've got money not only for a coffee (which I'm slurping up right now) but for lunch as well!! Now, that's a little thing that can turn a rough morning into a pleasant stroll along the caffeine expressway:)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Looking up

Wow, what an emotionally draining weekend. I'm so mentally tired that I almost couldn't get excited about some good experimental results today...almost. I'm hoping things will start to look up now, I've been down for so long. This year has been particularly trying. Last fall my now ex-husband left Memphis and went home to Portland. We couldn't make it work and, in the end, it was the best decision to be able to move on in our very separate lives. But still...it hurts. Thinking how things could've been, should've been, but then, how long can I pine away feeling sorry for myself? Life goes on, experiments occasionally work, people occasionally show their best side, a friend's shoulder occasionally catches your head on the way down...

"obstacles are those dark, ugly things that get in your way only when you take your eyes off your goal" (Chester)

My goal is clear, the path there is fairly dark and ugly, but only because I happen to look around from time to time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

that time of year

Well kids, it's that time of year again when turkeys run scared! I'm looking forward to thanksgiving, but Christmas is a bit of a dilemma..in a post I wrote not to long ago, I was torn between going home for the holiday or staying here for two reasons: hurting my family and work. Well, now the problem has changed. Due to my indecision, prices for a flight home are around $800. My parents are not rich people, and are both retired now, but I know they will offer to pay for the flight. I can't, in good conscience, let them pay that much money. I would rather they gift me a fraction of that to renew my health insurance and car insurance for Christmas. Maybe I'm being too practical, isn't it more important to be with family on Christmas? Or should I just postpone the trip to a cheaper time of year? Also I don't think I can take more than a couple days anyway, which would mean a lot of travel time and a lot of money for a little time there. Later, however, I could get more time, if my work has settled down. Maybe I've already made my decision...Montana is just such a long way from here:(

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Finally, finally!!!! I got a good, no scratch that, a great result from an experiment today! On top of that there is another one cooking that is looking good!!!! People in the lab stare at me when I jump up and down over a good result, but hey, they don't come along all that often and I need the exercise!

Monday, November 14, 2005

cheery cheery cheery

Well, the comments I've been getting about some of my posts are pretty long, involved, ways of saying "shut the fuck up and stop whining!" Yes, I know I'm bitching a lot lately, but this is a way for me to vent, to get all the negativity out so I can focus on more important things like poker and chess games:)

Ok so here's a more possitive note:

I made it to the final table at the poker game last Monday and made it to third last night at a different place on one of the games.

Saturday night was a blast, stayed in cooked dinner and didn't burn it! Drank a bottle of wine and stood on a balcony watching a lightning storm pass. Played chess at 3am or so.. Sunday afternoon was calm and cool with football, pizza and another couple games of chess.

My best friend and her husband are coming to visit me for Thanksgiving! Yay!!!!

Although $400 was stolen from my bank account, I'm getting it all back by Wednesday and I got a lovely free lunch and a nice shoulder to lean on.

Apparently my parents have found a new husband for me..LOL...right not so positive!!! run away, run away!

It's finally starting to cool down outside.

Saw an albino squirrel today!

Ok, well that's all for now kids, I have work to tend to:)