Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back for a moment!!!

Well, hello, hello!!! It's been awhile! I'm sorry guys, I've just been sort of out of it for a bit. I'm in the lab right now ('cos everyone has gone home for the day) and typing as fast as I can so I can get out of here before I have to see anyone who may come back for a bit (they're laptops are here still, so they may be lurking..)

Anyway, so, as to the meeting. Well, it went just fine, I gave a great talk, answered all their questions and gave them a damn good written introduction...however, they think I'm not cut out for science. Why? you ask, because my gels aren't good...yup, that's it, because the preliminary data and I stress, PRELIMINARY, data I showed at the end of my talk wasn't as beautiful as finished data can be. I'm sorry, folks, but that's a bunch of bullshit. I didn't reach any conclusions on it, I was careful to say it only indicated such and such and blah, blah, but nope, they took it as final data. They specifically told me, " you should look for another career because you are too personable and your gels aren't any good." Well, FUCK YOU! That's pretty much my response. Particularly since the comments at Christmas were "you don't speak well, don't write well, don't have a strong scientific background, and aren't academic in your approach to your experiments...but you're good on the bench. This time? The comments this time? Oh, well, you speak well, sound like a scientist, have a strong scientific background, were academic in your approach, and your writing is "quite good", but, your not good on the bench... Yeah, Ok, I get it, I could fucking cure cancer and you will never, never give me anything more than a Master's. Fine, well, I get the message, I'll leave..I'm leaving.

Monday, May 15, 2006

...Guess who's posting...

…and your guest poster of the day is Me!! Hoorah, for me. Yes, your much beloved Tideliar has stolen…ahem...rather, convinced Ladybug to hand over her password in order to update the blog and let you know what’s going on. It’s all rather simple. As you know, from reading Tidylies, she is leaving Memphis with her Masters degree. Currently she is probably propping up some dead end bar, trawling for drunks dumb enough to buy her next round. Oh no, wait that’s wrong. What was I supposed to say?

Oh yeah.

She’s getting ready to head up to Utah and Chicago to hang with her brother and best friend for a couple of weeks. A well earned breather if you ask me. And you should. I know best.

Anyway. She can’t use her work computer right now, and doesn’t have a modem connection on her laptop, despite having the luxury of free high-speed internet at her apartment. So, when she gets back she’s sorting that shit out, and will be on line again.

She wanted me to pass on, à la Ranting Dullard, (and Melanie…and me too) how important this little community has been in helping her out. Knowing that what really amounts to collective of anonymous strangers are really dear friends met through this awesome medium, who care enough about her to come back and get to know her, and care enough to worry about her when she’s gone has been a big help.

Anyway, that’s the sappy shit done with. Here’s some gratuitous hard core porn.