Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thesis writing: Day One

I'm optimistic, even smiling, sort-of.

I sit here with a blank paper and a cursor blinking at me in hopeful little winks. Soon now, I will dig through the papers printed, read, forgotten, filed, found, re-read, highlighted, scribbled on, lost for a time, filed incorrectly, found again in a state of mis-guided panic and now piled half on my lap waiting.

Waiting for the first words.

Day one of thesis writing, days to go? Unknown. That is a dark, dark path I will try not to walk on just yet. But I know that at one point in the days ahead I will find myself in a very scary place, crippled by carpal-tunnel, scarred by paper cuts, and in a mental fetal position.

Still, I'm optimistic...