Sunday, July 26, 2009

24 hours

18 hours into a 24 hour experiment and counting.....

I've got a little time in between jobs so I thought I'd jot a little bit about the Celtic festival I was lucky enough to get to last weekend. Of course it rained, but it truly wouldn't have been the same if the sun had been shining.

Well, it was shining on Friday, but that hardly counts as we spent Friday night in the tent dancing our hearts out. We had after party wrist bands and stayed out late with a stag party and chatting with the band members.

Then the rain came. Oh, the rain.

There were highland games on Saturday, along with the rain and the kilts and the throwing of heavy objects over poles. There was also a great BBQ with burgers for just over a £. After wolfing one down we proceeded to take part in the adult 60 meter foot race. Well, I at least tied for 3rd with some teenager, although only the first two got prize money. Another friend and I tried out the women's shot put and she got second. So no wins for me, although I consider pipes and rain and men in kilts a win any day. More great music that night then we packed up our sodden tents and caught the very first ferry to sail on a Sunday from the isle of Lewis.

I suppose I prefer rain to midges anyway.

I'm too tired to be writing this now.

Phaser is slow.

I got a new computer.

Only a few more hours to go...............