Monday, June 01, 2009

Blue skies

For months in Scotland, the sky is covered in a grey fog, or on a clear day, plastered with a sudden black.

And then the summer arrives.

Now the sun may not shine so much, and a sunburn is a badge of pride, not any sort of misery. The sun just simply doesn't hurt so far above the warm waves of the equator.

But after the dark, the long, long dark when the days just begin at 9am and retire at 3pm, the summer months begin.

And they may not be the warmest, but they are blue. All night long, the skies are blue. The sun never truly leaves, perhaps guilty for the previous indiscretions of December. And so they are blue, all night every night. The star hovers, sharing just a bit of light all through the night. The stars regress for a few months, and this northern island turns a shade.