Monday, July 09, 2007

On the Boat

I spent most of last week on the boat!

We had the Fourth of July off of work, so I headed out of town with a friend Tues. night to boat and camp throughout that evening and the next day.

We had a blast chilling on the boat, having a music war with another boat, sleeping under the stars. The next day my parents joined in the fun and I had the chance to show off my skiing skills, which are still on par.

Sunburned and muscle sore, we headed out to East Helena to watch the fireworks with some old friends. Once the city had been demolished by amateur artillery fanatics I went home for some much needed sleep.

Friday night, I headed out again to the lake, this time with another friend from work. We enjoyed a calm evening then picked up two more friends on Saturday to spend some time tubing, skiing and swimming. While the other two left for the night, Green Ig girl and I camped out that night too. We had, uhhhh maybe a few more beers than we thought because we soon found ourselves dancing on the seats to 1980's Madonna with our hair in side ponytails.

The next day, we were a little tired, still sunburned and completely sore from dancing, swimming, tubing, ahem...drinking;-P

Still, we stayed out all day on the lake, not willing to waste a beautiful day in town.

I look forward to more days out on the lake, actually looking forward to some river floats this weekend and of course, more camping.

I'm sorry I'm not around much these days, but when I'm not working, I'm golfing, boating, floating, biking, running, BBQing. It's really summer now, bad tan-lines and all.